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psychTestR is an R package for creating behavioural experiment interfaces. To learn more about psychTestR, visit the following resources:


If you don’t have R installed, download and install it first.

We recommend also installing RStudio, a popular integrated development environment for R.

Then open R and install psychTestR:


For a quick test of psychTestR functionality, visit Simple demo.


You can cite psychTestR as follows:

Harrison, Peter M. C. (2020). psychTestR: An R package for designing and conducting behavioural psychological experiments. Journal of Open Source Software.

The psychTestR source code is also permanently archived on Zenodo. You can find this permanent archive at the following DOI: This DOI will always point to the latest release of the psychTestR package, but you can also find version-specific DOIs on the Zenodo page.

You might also want to mention the particular version of the package you used. To check the installed version, you can run the following code in your R console:


Community guidelines

The psychTestR documentation website answers many common questions about psychTestR usage. Further questions are welcomed via the GitHub issue tracker. This issue tracker is also the place to report issues or software problems. We welcome software contributions in the form of GitHub pull requests; if you are thinking of making a contribution, consider first beginning a discussion on the issue tracker so that we can discuss implementation details.