psychTestR 2.23.0

  • Improved CSV export (thanks Klaus Frieler!).
  • Extra parameters for audio pages (thanks Klaus Frieler!).

psychTestR 2.22.3

  • Expose button_style in audio_NAFC_page.

psychTestR 2.22.2

  • Rebuild documentation.

psychTestR 2.22.1

  • Increase default session timeout parameter to 1 month.

psychTestR 2.22.0

  • Allow problems_info to be rendered as HTML.

psychTestR 2.21.2

  • Forcing language identifiers to be lower-case for consistency with ISO conventions.

psychTestR 2.21.1

  • Allowing navigating away on the final page.

psychTestR 2.21.0

  • Added allow_download argument to audio_NAFC_page.
  • Improved default btn_play_prompt argument for audio_NAFC_page.
  • Adding corresponding arguments to video_NAFC_page.

psychTestR 2.20.0

  • Added show_controls argument to audio_NAFC_page.

psychTestR 2.19.1

  • Adding an input check for conditional().

psychTestR 2.19.0

  • Misc improvements to website.

psychTestR 2.18.0

  • Drafted introductory paper (in inst/) which has now been deposited on PsyArXiv.
  • Updated citation information in README.
  • Added CITATION file.

psychTestR 2.17.0

  • Added advance_delay option, customising the delay before advancing the next page. This replaces the hardcoded 500 ms in previous psychTestR versions. The new default is 0 ms.
  • Created new automated tests using shinytest package, which supplement and replace the original manual tests.
  • Exposed the AppTester class for creating custom automated tests.
  • Improved and documented the treatment of nested modules.
  • Introduced the slider_page test element.
  • Wrote a series of new vignettes.

psychTestR 2.16.0

  • Exposed btn_play_prompt in volume_calibration_page.
  • Added dialog to check whether user is sure they want to quit the test.

psychTestR 2.15.0

  • Added option to manually show the admin panel when show_footer = FALSE.

psychTestR 2.14.0

  • Added \code{admin_panel} argument to \code{test_options}, allowing the researcher to disable the admin panel.

psychTestR 2.13.3

  • psychTestR now throws an error on nested calls to new_timeline(), which sometimes worked as intended, sometimes not…

psychTestR 2.13.2

  • Fixed issue where c() didn’t work well for all combinations of element types, replacing it with a new function join(), a more reliable method for achieving the same result. This in turn addresses some problems observed with order_at_run_time().

psychTestR 2.13.1

psychTestR 2.13.0

psychTestR 2.12.0

  • Added conditional(), which allows test elements to be displayed conditionally at run time.
  • Added order_at_run_time(), which orders test elements at run time.
  • Added randomise_at_run_time(), which randomises test elements at run time.
  • CSV export now supports columns containing atomic vectors.

psychTestR 2.11.0

  • Allowed users to customise the text used to trigger audio/video playback.
  • Minor improvements to documentation.

psychTestR 2.10.0

  • Now the test will accept URL parameters even when enable_resume_sessions = FALSE.
  • Introduced allow_url_rewrite option; when FALSE, URL rewriting is disabled.

psychTestR 2.9.0

  • Added as.list.test_element.
  • Added introductory vignette.
  • Added tutorial on hosting media files.

psychTestR 2.8.0

  • Added display_options for greater control over display options.
  • Rewrote jsPsych integration tutorial.
  • Fixed CMD check complaint about ::: calls.

psychTestR 2.7.0

  • Added randomisation tutorial.
  • Deprecated loop_while, introduced while_loop.
  • Added as_tibble.results.
  • Improved the flexibility of, it can now deal with atomic vectors of length > 1 in results slots.

psychTestR 2.6.1

  • Added missing documentation for i18n_dict$edit.

psychTestR 2.6.0

  • Added functionality for editing dictionaries.

psychTestR 2.5.1

  • Fixed encoding issue in markdown (#44).

psychTestR 2.5.0

psychTestR 2.4.3

psychTestR 2.4.2

  • Bugfix for implicit timeline combination.

psychTestR 2.4.1

  • Minor edit.

psychTestR 2.4.0

  • Created psychTestR website.

psychTestR 2.3.0

  • Changed UI panel backgrounds from grey to white.

psychTestR 2.2.2

  • Improved checks in timeline creation
  • Removing unused dependencies.
  • Bugfixes: #2, #3, #24, #26, #31, #32

psychTestR 2.2.1

  • Fixed a bug in test session resuming using get_p_id() pages.

psychTestR 2.2.0

psychTestR 2.1.0

  • Adding as.timeline().
  • If i18n() is called without a dictionary, a warning rather than an error is thrown.
  • Revising reactive dependencies in state objects - these objects now take reactive dependencies on much fewer slots. This seemed necessary to solve some logic problems in potential reactive page designs.
  • Adding demo = TRUE default to demo_options().

psychTestR 2.0.3

  • Bugfix - Implicit timeline creation with c() no longer throws an error when given NULL elements.

psychTestR 2.0.2

psychTestR 2.0.1

  • Bugfix - language compatibility checks were not being performed properly

psychTestR 2.0.0

  • Internationalisation is now supported, allowing researchers to create tests that can be taken in multiple languages (see the function i18n()). This functionality is still in alpha, as there are some loose ends to be tightened up (in particular, certain error messages appearing in English).
  • loop_while() now loops while the test condition is satisfied, and stops when it is not satisfied (rather than vice versa).
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for inserting i18n(), psychTestR::i18n(), and psychTestR::.
  • Changed default theme to ‘yeti’ (previous theme was ‘readable’)