This function evalutes a test function at run time to decide whether to administer a series of test elements to the participant. If the test returns TRUE, then the test elements are shown, otherwise these test elements are skipped.

conditional(test, logic)



Function to evaluate at run time. This function must accept the argument ..., and optionally the following named arguments:

  • state, the participant's state object;

  • input, the current page's Shiny input object;

  • output, the current page's Shiny output object;

  • session, the current Shiny session object;

  • opt, the test's option list as created by test_options.


Either a single test element, a list of test elements, or a timeline, which will be displayed conditionally on the basis of the outcome of test.


A list of test elements, or equivalently a timeline, which can be combined with other test elements or timelines.