Creates a page for the participant to calibrate their volume, using example audio, and the volume controls on their computer.

volume_calibration_page(url, type = tools::file_ext(url),
  prompt = NULL, button_text = "Next", on_complete = NULL,
  admin_ui = NULL, btn_play_prompt = "Click here to play")



URL to the audio. Can be an absolute URL (e.g. "") or a URL relative to the /www directory (e.g. "audio.mp3").


Audio type (e.g. 'mp3'). Defaults to the provided file extension.


Prompt to be displayed. If left NULL, a sensible English prompt is provided.


Button text (character scalar).


Optional function to execute on leaving the page (after successful validation). The argument list should include ..., and any of: state, the participant's state object; answer, the participant's most recent answer; input, the current page's Shiny input object; session, the current Shiny session object; opt, the test's option list as created by test_options().


Optional UI component for the admin panel.


Text to display as a prompt for starting the audio. Ordinarily the participant will not see this, but it might appear if the internet connection is poor, or if the participant refreshes the page.